Welcome to Northwest Anglican

A Final Phase

The dream that sparked Northwest Anglican back in 2009 has largely come true since then! Our hope was that Anglicanism would take root and begin to thrive in the Pacific Northwest. In 2009, Googling for Anglican churches locally turned up nearly nothing. Now there is a variety of options. This leaves little work left for Northwest Anglican. We are deeply satisfied to find our dream realized--and we are grateful to have played some very small part in this work of God.

At this point, Northwest Anglican remains in existence for a short season to see if God will use us in some new, different way. Also, since our website still receives traffic, we hope to direct people to three dioceses in the ACNA that are actively planting in the area:

For fun, we've left up the our original introductory video. Much has changed since then, when Anglicanism locally was but a dream. Thanks be to God!