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Are you close to Bellevue?

After you contact us, take a look at what's happening at Advent Anglican, the forerunner plant for the Northwest Anglican endeavor.

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Take a look at the Community of St. Aidan's!

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It Starts with a Question: What if...?

What if you could worship God in a way that was both fresh and ancient? What if Sundays left you thinking, not about the pastor or yourself, but about Jesus? What if you could belong to a small parish community and to 80 million Christians around the world... and countless more throughout history. What if you were part of an Anglican church?

Many are rediscovering the rich heritage of Anglicanism. But Anglican churches are hard to come by in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, if you wanted to attend one, you might have to join with a group and plant one first. That can be a pretty uncertain process. Unless...

Something is Different

Northwest Anglican represents a completely different way of planting churches. We're not a church looking to multiply or a pastor vying for parishioners. Instead, Northwest Anglican is a nonprofit dedicated to initiating, encouraging, and coaching new Anglican church plants between Seattle and Portland. We do that by gathering and assisting people like you--people eager for a fresh encounter with an ancient expression of a timeless faith.

Jesus said, "I will build my church..." (Mt 16.18). He's still fulfilling that promise today. Find out how he's using Anglicanism to do it... and how you might play a part in it:

  • Watch the video on this page to see where we came from and where we're going.
  • Read up on The Anglican Story if this is new territory for you.
  • Explore the details of The Plan we're using for planting churches.
  • Contact us. We like people! We're happy to talk with you whether you're interested in joining one of our plants or just curious about God. Don't be shy.

PS: Visit our forerunner plant: Advent Anglican in Bellevue!

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