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Are you close to Bellevue?

After you contact us, take a look at what's happening at Advent Anglican, the forerunner plant for the Northwest Anglican endeavor.

Closer to Edmonds?

Take a look at the Community of St. Aidan's!

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Why We Value Anglicanism

The Anglican Church is rich in history and dynamic globally. Active in over 160 countries, Anglicanism accounts for approximately 80 million people spread around the world, making it one of the three main expressions of the Christian church.

Anglicanism has long been called the via media (the middle way) for its uncommonly diverse appeal. It has a unique blend of ancient habits, historic liturgy, sacramental living, evangelical commitment, aesthetic appreciation, and an undying emphasis on Jesus himself. Northwest Anglican seeks to plant churches that embody the best of this rich, beautiful way of loving God and loving people.

The history of Anglicanism is fascinating. Watch the video on this page for a brief outline of Anglican history, from its beginnings to the current movements of the Anglican Mission in America and the Anglican Church in North America.

Northwest Anglican is under the direction of the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA), a movement in Anglicanism that has rapidly swept across North America over the past decade. With episcopal oversight from Rwanda, the Anglican Mission in America is passionate about planting and growing churches that love Jesus, live with him, and invite others to do the same.

Northwest Anglican is also a ministry partner of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), a recently established province in North America. The ACNA seeks to establish a strong network of Anglican churches that are steeped in the historic Christian faith.

Anglicanism has recently caught the attention of many who have been hurt by the church but haven't given up their love for Jesus--nor their hope that his Church can, in fact, be a joy to belong to.

If you're interested in Northwest Anglican or any of the information on this page, please feel free to go to the "Get in on it" page and contact me. I hope to get to know you.